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Friday, February 11, 2011

My Smokehouse



So I decided to post some pictures of my smokehouse.  I realized when researching this project that there are really no detailed plans for building a smokehouse, and this post will be no exception.  Due to the nature of a smokehouse it must be built to fit the end users certain needs such as terrain, what is to be smoked, etc., and so like snowflakes I guess no two smokehouses are alike.  Here are a few picks of mine. 

Smokehouse (12 of 8)

Here she is in all of her glory.  I have yet to add the separate fire box, but for now it does quite well using a home made smoke generator.

Smokehouse (11 of 8)

The smoke generator!  An old metal milk can cut in half with holes drilled in the bottom to light the chips.  Works like a charm.


Smokehouse (14 of 8)

I used floor registers to control my air intake as well as exhaust.  I am really happy with the control the give me.

Smokehouse (10 of 8)

Smoke sticks

Smokehouse (16 of 8)

Air intake

Smokehouse (17 of 8)

Another shot of the front.  It needs a coat of paint when the weather warms up.


  1. Neat!!!

    What are the dimensions?


  2. Inside its about four Feet deep and three and a half feet wide. I have a sketch if you'd like just let me know.