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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Finally Time to Taste


Lonzino Affumicato

So after about two Months the Lonzino finally weighed out, and let me tell you it is wonderful.  The fennel stays laid back and almost turns to a sweetener that is balanced out by the smoke.  Its like a porky Lox…Simply delicious.

Lonzino Affumicato (1 of 2)Lonzino Affumicato (2 of 2)



There are no words…The fresh rosemary, the salt…Olive oil and parmesan, I'm in heaven!!!

Bresaola (11 of 12)

Bresaola (12 of 12)


  1. I haven't made a Lonzino, but have a Bresaola hanging now. I hope mine looks as good as yours!

  2. @darius The Bresaola turned out alot better than I expected for my first tryt. I was worried about case hardening, but that didn't seem to happen. I think I will case it next time just to be safe. Let me know how yours turns out, and thanks for reading.